Duo Chakâm

Sogol Mirzaei

Prior to Chakam was the duet founded in 2014 by Sogol Mirzaei and Saghar Khadem, to let the art they received sing out loud, following pure Persian tradition. Under the grace of their dancing fingers, the true essence of radif emerges in their creation, as the rose perfumes the alleys of gardens where Lovers surrender.


From melodious inspirations to intricate rhythmical pieces, an invitation to join them in a sensual, delicately woven encounter with the fabulous East. Sogol reveals yet another side of her sensibility, around the soft sonority of the setar.


One musician living in Paris, the other in Amsterdam, they can easily meet and perform in various events across Europe.

Ensemble Chakâm

Coming soon…

Duo Rokhs

The Rokhs Duo performs Persian classical music with sensitivity and originality. They wander through its diverse characteristics and influences,  revealing its many faces (rokhs means faces in Persian). The Duo broadens its inspiration – all the way to Central Asia and the Middle East.

The similarities between these traditions leave one thinking that they are all watered from the same spring. Notably, it is the famous story, The Elephant and the Dark House, that we find in both the Hindu-Buddhist tradition and in the great Persian mystic poet Rumi’s work. In this tale, a single truth gives rise to a variety of interpretations linked to the experience and the imagination of those who perceive it. The same ‘image’ transforms each time it is reflected in each of us.


The new meeting of five musicians, Aïda Nosrat, Sogol Mirzaei, Christine Zayed, Marie-Suzanne de Loye and Saghar Khadem, gave birth to a corpus of re-arranged Iranian songs, symbol of the heritage of their personal and rich trajectories, full of diversity: traditional Iranian, Arabic, flamenco, jazz and baroque music. The tar, the qanun, the voice, the viola da gamba and the percussions are united here to resonate the Persian poetry of the 19th century but also new compositions.

Their first album will be released in the fall of 2020 on the Accords Croisés label.




[2004] Concert with Fakhteh Ensemble at Vahdat Opera House (Tehran)

[2004] Concert with Fakhteh Ensemble at Fadjr Festival at Niavaran Palace (Tehran)

[2005] Concert with Avin Ensemble at Niavran Palace (Tehran)

[2005] Concert with Avin Ensemble at Hafezieh Hall (Shiraz)

[2006] Concert with Dehlavi Orchestra at Vahdat Opera & Bahman Hall as a part of Fadjr Festival(Tehran)

[2008] Concert «Paysages», Série de pièces acousmatiques au centre culturel du Crous (Reims)

[2009] Solo recital at Free Culture Association (Paris)

[2010] Solo recital at Bahar Association (Paris)

[2011] Concert with Darvish Khan Ensemble at Al Medina Festival (Tunis)

[2013] Tar & Setar recital at Mandapa Center (Paris)

[2013] Tar & Setar recital at Saint-Mary’s Church (Paris)

[2014] Chakam Duet in Nesle Theater (Paris)

[2014] Concert with Baran Ensemble in Patronage Laïque Jules Vallès (Paris)

[2014] Tar recital in Saint Mary’s Church (Paris)

[2014] Tar recital at Cité International des Arts (Paris – October 2014)

[2015] Chakam Duet in l’Abri (Geneva)

[2015] Chakam Duet in Lapin Vert Theatre (Lausanne)

[2015] Tar recital at Cortot Hall (Paris)

[2015] Tar récital at l’ENS (Paris)

[2016] Chakâm Trio at Pully Theater (Lausanne)

[2016] Persian and Armenian music with Madjid Khaladj & Rouben Haroutunian (Fontenay-aux-Roses)

[2017] Chakâm Trio European tour: Notes Persane Festival in Geneva, Centre Culturel d’Héritage

Iranian in Paris, Rolex Auditorium at EPFL in Lausanne, Institute of Persian Music in Lyon

* Live interview and performance with Paradisio Program show at Switzerland Radio La Première

[2018] Chakâm trio Australian tour: Mona Foma festival in Tasmania, All Nations Church in Melbourne, Nexus Art festival in Adelaide

[2018] Sarv Ensemble: Multicultural festival of music in Canberra (Australia)

[2018] Chakâm Duet, Museu José Malhoa, Caldas da Rainha (Portugal)

[2018] Persian music duet with Ershad Tehrani, Columbia Global Centers, Reid Hall (Paris)

[2019] Marco Polo: Venetian baroque music/Persian music/Slam, Gaston Bernard Theater, (Châtillon sur seine, France)

[2019] Alexis Avakian Sextet “Miasin”, Sunset-Sunside in Paris (France)

[2019] “Paradoxe” project with Shahrokh Moshkin Ghalam at Mawazine festival in Rabat (Morocco)

[2019] “Salon Volant” Solo performance in Jura (France)

[2019] Duo Chakâm at Festival del Mediterraneo in Genova (Italy)

[2019] Alexis Avakian Sextet “Miasin” at 12X12 Festival in Paris (France)